Our Approach

The modern digital ecosystem enables users to interact and collaborate with each other and brands as content creators from multiple devices. Our process helps you to understand the existing social media landscape and how it can help one or more areas of your organization, your brand, your customers and partners and your employees.

Listen & Learn

During the Listen and Learn phase, we’ll learn more about you, your target audience, where existing social media conversations are occurring and what the sentiment is around  your brand. We’ll also take a look at what your competitors are doing and how successful they are in their social media marketing endeavors. We will explore what the industry as a whole is up to and which companies stand out, both in  your vertical and outside your vertical. The output of this phase is a series of detailed reports with accompanying analysis to inform your social business strategy.

Define & Strategize

During the Define and Strategize phase, we’ll focus inward on your brand more deeply, learning about your organization’s overarching goals and objects and defining how social media can influence those goals positively. We’ll take a look at existing programs and objectives and see how we can “socialize” those programs. We’ll work with you to develop policies and procedures, resource and budget requirements, an implementation timeline and define your social measurement and monitoring strategy. The output of this phase is a comprehensive roadmap for deployment.

Activate & Influence

The Activate and Influence phase is where the rubber meets the road as we implement the strategy defined during the Define and Strategize phase. We’ll work through the best way to develop content calendars and source content, engage within your social communities according to our strategic roadmap, and implement the social media branding and best practices defined in the previous phase.

Measure & Optimize

Finally, we’ll measure according to the plan developed during the Define and Strategize phase to determine the impact of our efforts. Measurement will inform our future strategic roadmap and will influence our execution along the way as we determine the most successful engagement tactics for  your organization.

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